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Discussing tough topics like depression, burnout and suicide alongside nutrition, movement and recovery.
Working on everyday resilience, personal and professional development.
The context is dentistry but applicable to all walks of life.

Fang Farrier : Dentist; see also *gnasher basher, *toothwright and top gum

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Fang Farrier

Love your job? Indifferent or even hate being a dentist? Maybe it depends on the day, most of us wrestle with leaving or staying in a job at some point in our careers. But maybe it's not the job, this episode explores how to enjoy the job we're in more and maybe when we're hanging on to a job we should have left. Join the discussion on facebook – It's Dentist's Life, on twitter @fang_farrier
  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  2. Completing Your Stress Cycle
  3. Burnout Remission
  4. Making Time for Health
  5. Old Habits Die Hard