Fang Farrier Podcast

Life Behind And Beyond The Mask

Discussing tough topics like depression, burnout and suicide alongside nutrition, movement and recovery.
Working on everyday resilience, personal and professional development.
The context is dentistry but applicable to all walks of life.

Fang Farrier : Dentist; see also *gnasher basher, *toothwright and top gum

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The Demon Dentist Fang Farrier

  Season 2 Episode 3: The demonisation of dentistry Why do people hate the dentist and why are we fair game in the published press? Discussing dentists in tv , movies and the media.  Looking at what we can control or influence and what we can't
  1. The Demon Dentist
  2. The Attitude of Gratitude
  3. Sleep Talk
  4. Season 2 – Positive Psychology for the Dental Profession
  5. Doing The Best With What We Have