Purposeful CPD

The requirement for ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) was first outlined to us at dental school.  It’s something every dentist is very aware of, the hours, the core subjects to cover and what happens if we don’t.  It’s also pretty easy to find with providers bombarding our inboxes and tea room notice boards, promoting  everything … Continue reading Purposeful CPD

Not One More, Mental Health Awareness 2019

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month 2019, I’d been meaning to write something but this wasn’t it. I feel that whilst I’m talking and writing about mental health in the dental profession year round that it’s important to contribute when arguably the most ears are listening. I find it hard though because to write and talk … Continue reading Not One More, Mental Health Awareness 2019

Permission to Fail

As featured in Dentistry Magazine 23 Apr 2019 You can’t scroll through social media news feeds without coming across references to failing.  learning from failures, failing fast and the fear of failure. Which is great, it lends itself to a growth mindset and self improvement.     Unfortunately, somewhere along the way as a dentist … Continue reading Permission to Fail