Emz Podcast Recommendations 2020

I’m late to the podcast party. Multiple people have recommended listening to them over the years and I’d always meant to get around to it but never quite seemed to get there.

The first podcast I listened to was one I was a guest on.  Yes, sad but true, that’s what it took. However, there’s no turning back, I’ve become a bit of a podcast addict. I listen to them in the car on the way to work and sometimes at the gym.  Only sometimes, because for me you can’t beat the motivation of good music for a challenging work out, that said an hour of steady state cardio lends itself to an engaging podcast, especially as I can still hear the gym music in the background as well.

But before I launch into what I listen to and what recommendations I have for you let’s wind it back and assume I’m not alone in my late introduction to the world of podcasts.  A podcast is like an internet based radio show where you download the episodes you want to listen to.  It isn’t just iTunes based, although the name is a fusion of iPod and broadcast, you can access podcasts through numerous other platforms including Spotify.  I use iTunes so that’s all I’ll really touch on here.  I listen an iPod so iTunes makes sense for me.

The initial difficulty I had was how to find the one’s I’m interested in listening to.  It felt like looking for a needle in a haystack, like trying to find something to watch on Netflix when you’re not sure what you’re after.  It was enough to put me off the first few times but I found the best thing is to start with someone else recommendations and branch out from there. Find a show you like, subscribe (similar to YouTube, more of a following, not a monetary transaction) and choose the episodes you want to download.

If I listen to a dental podcast I prefer it to be about mindset, the profession as a whole or leadership.  Dental podcasts that aren’t really about the practicalities and techniques of clinical dentistry. So, here are my current subscriptions in no particular order, with an episode to start at, or which I particularly like.  That might sound odd, why not start with Episode 1, well yes there’s merit in that but would you try and promote your dentistry with your first ever filling on a live patient? Might only be speaking for me but probably not!


Incisive Decisive – Shaun Sellars and Colin Campbell

  – Episode iD – 006 Prethics

Uk based dentists chatting about ethics in dentistry, dental current affairs and the landscape of dentistry.  Frank discussions about the pressures of modern dentistry, how it is regulated and how it is shaping up for the future.  More humorous than it sounds.

The Peaceful Practice – Dr Dawn Kulongowski and Dr Alan Mead

-Episode 13: Saying No with Dr Russell Kirk

Dawn is a dentist and meditation teacher, Alan a dentist and veteran podcast host, both based in the US.  These two long term friends come together to talk stress and resilience for professionals, dental in the main but also doctors and lawyers.  A balanced look at the stresses we face in and out of the surgery.

The Cheeky Dentist Show – Dr Rachel Hall

-Episode 4: Dentists, do you secretly hate dentistry?

Rachel is an Australian based British dentist, and dental business coach. She discusses mindset and business.  I like her familiar west midlands accent and her continually positive outlook nudging me to enjoy my dentistry a little more and increase my awareness of the business aspects of being financially successful even as a contractor.

The Inspired Professional – Cathleen

  – Episode 1 or 2 ( only 2 available on writing)

This is a new podcast but I’m always keen to hear other peoples journeys away from dentistry or side hustles to run alongside.  So far so good.


Run Things – Kev and Clare

– Episode 8 – Liz

I listen to a few fitness podcast episodes here and there but this one took my fancy enough to subscribe to and I’m not even that fussed about running.  I would describe myself as a reluctant and intermittent runner, but this is great: two friends, personal trainer Kev and his friend Clare.  Both have done a lot of marathon running and both have had experiences with poor mental health, they use this podcast to promote running and it’s benefits with boosting mental health.  Lots of mental health discussions, serious and humorous.  Inspiring guests and real life stories.


The Tim Ferris Show – Tim Ferris

– Episode 401: Gary Keller – How to focus on the one important thing

This is a new find after listening to him interview Brené Brown.  Tim is an entrepreneur and author, his first book is The 4 Hour Work Week.  I have read this and whilst it had its merits, I came away feeling the guy’s a bit of a dick and hadn’t really looked at anything of his since.  However, I listened to this episode, realised Brené was a big fan, though maybe I’ve misjudged him, listened to a few more episodes and haven’t really looked back.  He interviews a lot of my favourite authors, including Gary Keller – The One Thing.

Unlocking Us – Brené Brown and Cadence13

– Coming soon, just an intro available today

Just a massive Brené fan, first episode drops in March 2020


TheYes Effect – Shelli Varella

_Episode 060 : Back to the future with Pat Flynn

Love this lady, firefighter, author, storyteller, coach.  Interesting guests and amazing stories. Shelli has spoken twice on TEDx stages, she has taught myself and countless others how to tell our stories. She is my coach, mentor and friend. She has a gift for drawing people’s inspiring stories from them.  A very uplifting listen.

Thrive TV Show – Lauren Parsons

-Episode 16. End Self Sabotage

Another inspiring and uplifting podcast, interviews with guests who are doing amazing things.  Aimed at providing tips, guidance and support for improving health, energy and productivity at home and work.  Lauren is a well being specialist, speaker and author based in New Zealand.

The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan

– Episode 1250 – Johan Hari

This is the no.1 ranked podcast, there are loads of episodes. Joe is a comedian with an MMA and tv presenting background. I dip in and out of episodes with guests I know or I’m introduced to through his YouTube clips on his YouTube channel of the same name (which are taken from the podcast)

I Thought You Knew – Ed and Hywel

– Episode 3 but named episode 2!

This is my brother and his equally nerdy and northern education mate discussing films, maths, music and life.  Not for everyone but makes me feel like I’m catching up with my little brother.