The Dentist’s Guide To Life

The blog got a name change! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I liked Fang Farriers, not only the term but that it wasn’t as easily associated with dentists by the general public as something with dentist in the title.  A way of hiding in plain sight, so then I started looking at all sorts of names, lost of which if not already taken were associated with existing podcasts or books etc.  The dentist’s guide to the galaxy seemed a bit much, so life it is!

There’s so much in a name, I wanted to use coach but on looking closer I didn’t want to be mistaken for a business coach. Which might lead you to wonder what am I?

Well, I’m a general dentist, personal trainer, sport and exercise nutrition coach, blogger and speaker.  If I had a superhero name it would be Phoenix, not because I have mutant telepathic powers but because after 16 years practicing I burnt out, left my job and doubted I would ever work as a dentist again.  But I did, I’m back, it’s been a slow road and has involved a lot of healing.  I learnt so much along the way, things that may have prevented me reaching my all-time low, things that allow me to see the bright side of dentistry once more and the importance of looking after myself physically, emotionally and professionally.  It’s not so much about balance because that implies such a delicate sweet spot but harmony.  It was never going to be easy, but it could have been easier if I had been better prepared and my awareness heightened about the very real risks of depression and burnout in our profession.

So this blog, my facebook group Fang Farriers and my podcast are about life, about living.  Not working to survive, not living for Fridays, but enjoying your work, enjoying life outside of work and healthy management of all the stresses we endure.  About looking after ourselves physically and the injuries we as dentists are prone to, about feeding ourselves properly and the impact that can have on our mood, about managing our workspace to minimise stressors.  If you want to interact rather than just read or listen, the facebook group is for you, a group of dentists and allied professionals to privately share, vent and support each other.

P.S I find leaving comments open on WordPress very spammy so if you want to say hi or comment: twitter and fb are your best ways to get me.